Benefits of Brick-and-Mortar Stores For Retailers

It’s an undeniable fact that online is the future of retail business. On the other hand, it’s not easy to ignore the fact successful online retailers also like to have brick-and-mortar building to compliment their virtual stores.

For proof of this, Amazon, the world’s biggest online retailer recently opened up in the middle of Manhattan a brick-and-mortar(murmester kristiansand) location.

Advantages of brick-and-mortar building

While online retail certainly is a growing business, still old habits die hard. Most American consumers still prefer doing their shopping in the physical store.

According to a 2013 US Census Bureau statistics, 94 percent of retail transactions were carried out on physical stores. The average person also spends six times more cash in-store compared to online. But what are the salient reasons?

You Just Don’t See the Product But Also Feel It

It does depend on the type of products you are selling. However, generally speaking, individuals like to hold, feel and see items in person before purchasing them. This, of course, may not be that significant when you are dealing in electronics or office supplies. But for majority of items, being able to hold it in your hand is a thing which buyers want to be able to do prior to making a decision on whether they want to purchase it or not.

The ability to interact with an item enables buyers confirm their desire for it, and dismiss any lingering doubt concerning how it looks like online.

Shipping Faster and More Efficiently

Brick-and-mortar(betong kristiansand) stores aren’t just showrooms for products. They are more than that. They act as business space. This implies you may not only utilize them for exhibiting your products together with interacting with consumers, but also you may use them as storage plus shipping centers.

Therefore, when you are in retail business, having several brick-and-mortar(murer kristiansand) buildings for your goods would provide you many warehouses at various locations from where you may potentially ship your goods.

This will help you in not only reducing expenses associated with shipping, but also the time it will take for your product to reach the client.

Makes Customer Service To Be More Personal and Direct

It is always better when you have a more direct and personal customer service. For instance, when you purchased a pair of jeans which do not actually fit you and you would love to return them, you would rather drive to that particular store, return the jeans and receive replacement(piperehabilitering) ones than having to pack it, visit the post office and send them out, then wait for the refund and buy another pair of jeans, with the risk of potentially encountering over again similar problem.