11359307125_5ab52a7898_oOver the past few years e-juice has been getting popular. They are the next best thing to regular cigarettes. Regular smoking cigarettes are bad for your health so it is best that you leave those alone. They kill thousands of people every year. Tobacco and the smoke from burning tobacco has around 4,000 chemicals, poisons, and heavy metal that kills thousands of people every day. There are also twenty- five deadly diseases that is related to smoking so if you smoke cigarettes you are playing a deadly game with your life. However, when nicotine is pure it is good for you but the tobacco in the cigarettes are very harmful and they can kill you.

E – juice products are much better and safer to use. There are a lot of flavors to choose from and you are sure to like something. They are also much more cheaper to use than the regular cigarettes. There are kits you can buy if you are new to the e-juice world which is good because, then you will have a chance to try before you commit to it some beginning kits have a lot items for you to try so you can make an informed decision.

When you are smoking e-cigs for the first time you will be ordering a new e-cig starter kit. When ordering your kit for the first time you may wonder what type of nicotine do you choose. Well, that depends on you if you are a heavy smoker you may want a small amount of nicotine but if you are a light smoker you may want to get enough to satisfy your cravings. When starting for the first time you should try different strengths to see what works for you. If you are new to electronic cigarettes or e-juice then there are some questions you may have.15545531767_774ac3a66f_o

For all the ejuice products, accessories and more, make sure to check our eJuice Farm. A beginners kit comes with everything a new e-cig user may need. Most starter kits start out with a lot of different types of features to help new users out and make the best decision for their smoking needs. Most starter kits may start out with batteries, battery colors, batteries life, cartridge, charger, instructions manual and a warranty. These features are very important for new users so they can test the kit out and see if they like it. As for people who are more experience will be happier with kits that will benefit them. Then there is the advance kit which is great for regular e- smokers. Advance kits are better because, they have a lot offer. Many experienced users love the advanced kits because, they get a lot to offer. Many experienced users love the advance kits because it helps with their cravings and plus they get a lot for their money. Some items that may be in the advance kits are: batteries, flavored cartridges, charger, life time warranty, and a instruction manual. Are all included in each advance kit.